An Ode To The Death…

Oh Death!

You are invincible,

You are called a heartless brute;

But you are misery’s cure,

And pain mortals endure.


Oh mighty Death!

Kiss the corrupt with your diabolic lips,

Surprise them with your venomous stings;

Shroud them with your deathly cover,

Your cognomen should make them quiver.


Oh puissant Death!

Wake me up from my slumber,

lift me up to your echelon;

Save me from the darkness

of ‘Depression and Frustration’;

And make me your alter ego,

to discover ‘joie de vivre’.


Oh Death!

Allow me to derive

some of your puissance;

So that I can strive

for a position of eminence;

And then I will rise

like a bad notion,

for them, to terminate

the ‘Tradition Of Corruption’.


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