Life is a line of nodes

through which we tread

in which every decision counts,

and angle of deviation made

determines how far are we

from the path chosen by Thee.


Wrongdoings and wrong decision

have blurred my vision;

Failures have shrouded my heart and head

by its vicious pseudopod,

inhibiting me to think or cry

but I still try, try and try;

To face the demon and not flee,

but to break the chains and be free,

to return to utopia,

to the path chosen for me.


I would then change

the nodes of yesterday,

for humanity that would be

a wonderful bouquet.


6 thoughts on “Redemption

  1. I’m not nearly that eloquent. If I had a nickel for every wrong turn, every mistake and every misjudgment, I could buy a few hundred acres and a castle. That truth is not likely to change. 🙂

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