smoke in the air

awesome always


It burns and burns, a fight between

The smoke and the air

Lit by a heartbeat, a slight fire burning

In the midst of winter, comes the warmth

The filthy layer of emotions for some

Who wants to smoke in the air?

Smooth smoke coming out of

Thy diabolic lips

Appeared as a dark cloud

In the holy air

For those whose expressions express

Reality so unfair

Smoke the last cigarette

Illusion of smoke and air


The cigarettes, wrapped in white

Appear so innocent for the demise

Of thy creation o’ lord

Not yet satisfied with the precise

Learning’s of getting butchered

By that small sweet innocently

Drawn, a very gentle touch of an artistic

Smoke in the air

Death not it is, murder

I say, killed many and many to die

O’ sweet mother of lord

Brace thy creation only

When you know this world

Is about to…

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