A Wish

Life is lifeless,

shrouded by the mess,

with melancholy mind fills,

and tears heart spills

bereft blissful memories

and moments of happiness.


Childish chirping, friendly altercations,

agonizing romance, garnering knowledge,

hunting hunger and clash of notions,

each moment and every stage,

gets inscribed on the pages

of life, but, the devil Time rubs

it off, from the pages slowly,

slowly, calmly yet deliberately.

Though alone I tread,

through the path untrod-den;

though alone I wade,

through this vast ocean;

but my progenitor would,

breathe into the insipid heart,

and from that magical wind,

potent enough will be my spirit….

Then would I open,

‘The Bliss Box’ of Pandora

so that, the world

will become a Utopia.


6 thoughts on “A Wish

  1. I am, without a doubt, not that elegant with words. 🙂

    Man, I’m telling you the devil certainly has been using the eraser in the nooks and crannies of my ancient brain. Yep, at the end all we have left are created realities sculptured by time.

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