A Question

Once, I was an innocent teen,

Adored the finest and serene;

Oblivious of sours of human,

And oblivious of the Pain.


One fine day, a demon arrived,

Made my day, the darkest night.

His lust had my soul shadowed,

Incised my hopes with pure spite.

With dead beating heart, him I watched

Devouring my meat with all his might.

I failed to save the innocent child,

I failed to put up a valiant fight.

By his black dark ink, I got stained,

Stain difficult to omit outright

From the pages of my life,

From the pages of my life.


People loathed me due to the Stain,

Not anyone understood my pain

A question, for such men in line

Was that fault gravely mine?


P.S. Could not stand their agony


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