The lone Sentinel: Episode 2: The Defeat

“You idiot, tell me your plan otherwise…” barked the general. “Torture the wretched man till he spews their devious plans” said the general to a soldier.

First group, as directed had lit the forest to fire through which the soldiers had planned to tread through and launch an attack. This move helped the tribe immensely to gain precious time to set up their other traps. Though the move was successful but a man was captured by the enemies.

It became unbearable for the man to bear the pain any more.

“We had lit the fire to deter the soldiers’ movement into our territory” he cried.

The merciless general then asked, “Do you know any other route?” The man nodded. “Then show us the way.” The man suppressed his elation. He knew he was successful in his endeavor. Vikram would be proud of him, he thought.


 “This is the way, right?”

“Yes, master” retorted the new slave.

The army vigorously marched through the narrow end of the valley. That was dense, untrodden part of the forest, harboring exotic variety of flora. There, trunk of the trees were thick, the grass in that part was greener. General though, was too busy abusing his new slave that he was least bothered, about the splendor of the jungle.

“Boom…” The sound of explosion left the soldiers astounded. A shiver ran through them, as they saw the decapitated bodies of their fellow mates. General was shocked. He could see lines of fire emerging out of nowhere, approaching them. Before he could comprehend anything… “Boom… Boom… Boom…” several more explosions back to back. The army of a thousand reduced to mere three hundred.

The second group had hid the barrels of in-flammables at the base of the trees. They had tested how much time the fire took, if lit at their end, to reach the site. Vikram was very particular about even trivial things and the plan was well executed.

Meanwhile, the archers of the tribe rained arrows on the petrified soldiers, augmenting the blitzing assault.

Tribesmen attacked the dumbstruck soldiers who could be easily slayed or captured. In the meantime, the stunned general was taken captive by his slave.

“Well done, Veera. Wonderful” praised Vikram. “It is your valor that won us the battle.” Veera replied with a humble tone, “It was your plan. My endeavor made you proud, the pain was worthwhile. Thank you, bhratah…”

“Now, send a message to that despot” said Vikram with a cogent tone “that we are freemen. If he attacks us again, we will kill their soldiers, one by one.”



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