The lone Sentinel: Episode 1


[Blood and glory, murder and victory are inevitably agonizing. The scene was astoundingly devastating. The shrouded sky poured tears into the heart of the blood-soaked battlefield. Critically wounded, their magnanimous leader stood in that inferno holding up the Truth. The Truth that is the epitome of their civilization, their very existence. It seems that every single thing is now concurrent with its finality. But the Wise Ones know, that it is a new beginning….]

Episode 1: The Battle Preparation

Vikram gazed at the moon-lit sky, fondly recalling the reminiscences of his childhood. From that he derived a peculiar kind of strength that filled him with vitality. He recalled how his parents cared for him, counseled him and loved him. Now he is alone. He lives amongst his tribesmen, yet alone. Recollecting and introspecting. Over the years, shrewdness has replaced his innocence. He is the Machiavelli of his tribe, the strategist, known for his novel tricks and ideas. And he was revered.

That day too, he was busy devising a plan, a battle strategy against the army of the neighboring kingdom. The wicked king of Adirajyam kingdom, the supreme state, captured the denizens of the tribes, residing on the frontiers of his kingdom to enslave them, to exploit them. He had vowed to save his tribesmen.

Bhratah…” the trembling tone of one of his fellow mates broke his thoughts. “There are 1000 men, will be here in less than two days. What we 400 can do???”

Pacifying the troubled soldier Vikram said, “I have a plan. Do not worry brother.”


On the request of Vikram, tribe chief Ugrasena ordered the people to gather near the big Banyan tree, near which they generally conducted village meetings and other festivities.

Malaypur-vasi…” Vikram addressed his tribesman with an authority that only he commanded, “the despotic king plans to capture us, to make us his slaves. He thinks he is powerful enough to enchain our souls. They took our brothers before, they come again. Are you willing to live your rest of life devoid of freedom?”

“No” bellowed the tribe in unison.

“Are you willing to surrender?”


“Then, vengeance it is.”

“Vengeance, Vengeance…” the valley reverberated with the sound.

He elaborated his plan to annihilate the soldiers of the king, to send him a strong message. He divided the non-fighting adults into two groups.


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