The lone Sentinel: Episode 4: The Revelation

The very next moment soldiers attacked Vikram and he retaliated.

“Whoosh…  Swash… Slash…” Two soldiers fell on the ground dead.

“At least, I killed the moron. Good for my tribe”, thought Vikram.

Seeing his minions fall, the army chief pounced towards him pulling out his extraordinarily large sword from its sheath.

“I will bloody kill you, you rat” the chief thundered in a raging tone. “Eeah…” he raised his sword. But, suddenly he stopped. He saw something that left him immobile for a while. His sword dropped from his hand with a huge thud. He had seen the ring & the trident.


Vikram was startled to see the reactions of the courtiers for him, which changed from ire to reverence. He was wondering, why they were so sympathetic with the king-slayer.

Then the prime minister of the kingdom, pundit Vijaybhanu came, held his hand and announced, “Our savior has come, the lone Sentinel. Hail, Prince Aditya.”

“Hail, Prince Aditya” the courtroom echoed.


Troubled Vikram was pacing up and down in his new royal chamber. That day’s event had left him contemplating what his future would be. He thought the people mistook me to be someone else. In the court, he could not appropriately explain that to those gullible people. Sometimes, he thought what the indelible symbol meant. Too many questions which needed to be answered.

“Hello Son, how are you? You look troubled” a grave yet caring tone broke his thoughts. It was pundit ji. “I know you have lot many questions to ask. Ask them one by one. I will answer each one of them.” Pundit ji consoled.

“Pundit ji, I am not Aditya. I am Vikram, of tribe Maruta. You all must have confused me with your prince, perhaps” said Vikram.

To which Vijaybhanu replied, “Oh my dear prince, hear me out about the great history of your ancestors, about the promise that will decide your karma.”

Vijaybhanu started narrating the tale.

“It was an awful time, when the devil rode the minds of men. Decisions they made were immoral, their deeds sinful. Corruption, apathy and lawlessness, the stewards of the Evil, reigned the empire, then. Brothers, the Pandavas and the Kauravas, thirsty for each other’s blood, fought history’s greatest war at Kurushetra, the war for Dharma. Lord Krishna, the supreme god, to create order out of the chaos, to alleviate the pious and to annihilate the miscreants, to reestablish the principles of Dharma, became the part of the war. It was then, he explained intricacies of life, to the great Arjuna, one of the Pandavas, in form of a song. The song that emerged from Bhagwan Krishna, the supreme almighty, is called Bhagavad Gita. To protect this treatise from the perils of time, Lord Shiva, comrade of Lord Krishna created the clan of fierce warriors, Rudras. My prince, you are a descendant of Rudras. You are the last true Rudra, the lone sentinel, who, by karma, is bound by the promise to protect the treatise.” He could see his prince flabbergasted. So, he paused for a while, so that Vikram could absorb the fact.

“Please continue, pundit ji”, said Vikram and Vijaybhanu continued his tale.

“My prince, the symbol on the upper part of your wrist is the insignia of Rudras. The ring represents ananta, the epitome of cycle of life i.e. cycle of birth and death, here the treatise. The trident represents your clan, who are the protectors. From, that we recognized you as our prince.”

“Yes, yes I know the concept of cycle of life, pundit ji but one thing still bothers me. Who was the King and if I was related to that moron, in any way?” Vikram asked impatiently.

“The king, my prince, was the illegitimate child of your grandfather, your father’s step-brother. King Rajadhiraj, your grandfather was tricked into drinking love potion by a wicked woman, who took advantage of his sympathies for her. The result of this relationship was the king Jairaj, who was devoid of love, compassion and sense. Bad source, bad energy, you see. He assassinated your father, became the king and we being pledged for life to the throne were bound to follow his amoral orders, pushing denizens of this kingdom to agony.”

Vikram looked tensed. “Okay pundit ji, please give me some time with myself to think over it. I am perplexed and tired.” Vikram requested to which Vijaybhanu readily agreed. “I will come in the evening. My prince, now you rest. It is your home” he said while leaving the chamber.


“This is a baked up story. They are putting all these lies into my head and confusing me”, Vikram thought. “But this indelible symbol on my wrist? This is too much for me to handle.”

“Send a message to chief informing about the developments here, at once” he ordered his minions in an irritated tone.



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