The lone Sentinel: Episode 5: The Esoterica

In the evening, as promised, pundit ji came to Vikram’s chamber. He was sitting in his bed engrossed in his thoughts, thoughts that raised questions about what he had come to believe, about his very existence.

“Good evening, my prince. I hope you are liking it here. I know you are troubled by numerous questions. I can feel your predicament” pundit ji consoled Vikram.

“We can take a walk in the Royal Garden, if you will not mind and there we can talk about the matter.” Vijaybhanu humbly asked, after reflecting for a moment. Vikram nodded in agreement.

Vikram was thoroughly perplexed and was so deep in his own thoughts that he did not notice the grandeur of the garden. “Pundit ji, you told something about ‘Bad source, bad energy’, beforehand. What did you mean by that?”

“Yes, my prince. Energy is something that provides us the capability to carry out physical and mental activities, for our sustenance. It is universal law that energy can neither be created nor be destroyed, it can only be transformed, from one form to another. But for the Good to prevail, good deeds are a requisite, which arise only from irreproachable sources. We humans, are also a source of energy and the kind of energy inside us, directs our actions. In case of Jairaj, his mother had evil intentions, which directed her actions and the consequence is as you know it.”

“Okay. The concept is all new to me but is it all true?” asked amazed Vikram.

Vijaybhanu replied, “It is based on varied observations and investigations by our scientists and it never has been violated, my prince.”

“Hmm… Basing on… What the…” Vikram was stunned seeing a fine-looking girl fiercely wielding her knife to drive away the boisterous boys, who were teasing her.

“Pundit ji look, they are teasing the girl, inside the royal palace. How dare they do that? Let’s go there and teach those juvenile boys a lesson.”

“My prince, there is no need of that. The girl is capable enough. My daughter is capable enough” Vijaybhanu replied calmly.

“Your daughter? And you are watching silently? How can you do this, pundit ji?” asked an irritated Vikram.

“I know my daughter well, my prince. She can handle it. That is an everyday affair for her. And moreover, those boys are your cousins” answered Vijaybhanu, still maintaining his composure.

“Does being a royal kinsman gives them the permit to disrespect women, to harass a girl? And are they not still aware of their father’s death?” retorted Vikram.

“These boys would create disorder in the entire kingdom, then” retorted the prime minister almost crying. This left Vikram wondering where did, the maturity and calmness of the person he was talking to, go. He could see remorse, a sense of guilt, in those tearful eyes of old Vijaybhanu.

Pacifying the old man, Vikram said, “But these are mere twenty or twenty two year old boys. What can they do?”

“Twenty three and twins, my prince. Yet, they have achieved significance by their unforgivable and heinous crimes; murder, rape and what not” said the prime minister wiping his emergent tears from his protruding eyes.

“Bad source, bad energy, bad actions. They need to be punished. I will see to that” said Vikram unsure of what he was saying.

“Yes, my prince.”

“Let’s go and help your daughter.”

“No, my prince. My daughter is capable enough.”

“But… But, pundit ji women are weak and always need help of men, the superior sex. We should go help her.”

“My prince, I will again say my daughter is capable enough…. And see, she has driven them away. A brave girl she is, my brave girl”, said Vijaybhanu, with definite firmness in his voice.

Vijaybhanu continued, “Oh my dear prince, your concept about womanhood or I would rather say about humanity, is very much flawed. Pardon me, prince for my language.”

Vikram became keen to what pundit ji had to say. “It’s okay. Go on, pundit ji.”

Vijaybhanu continued, “Comparing men and women is very much similar to comparing apples and oranges. The only true masculine is the supreme almighty. Others have character of both the genders. We differentiate them, based on which characteristics is majorly manifested in an individual. The base of our existence is our soul, which is gender-less. It is that both the genders complement each other, which is vital for our world’s existence. Yin and Yang. Lord Shiva and his better half Devi Parvati also, in an abstract manner, by their Ardhanareswar appearance, half man and half woman, try to demonstrate this notion for us. Without one, the other will cease to exist. So, no gender is superior or inferior, my prince.”

Vikram was astounded after hearing this. He evaluated what he heard from the noble prime minister. He paused for a moment.

“I… I was so… I was so wrong, Pundit ji. Thank you, very much” said Vikram, with an evident reverence for Vijaybhanu in his tone.


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