The lone Sentinel: Episode 7: A New King…

It was a cold night, a dark night. A veiled intruder entered the royal chamber, with cold steel ‘Churikas’ – daggers. He could neutralize the puny guards with ease. Then, he went straight into the royal chamber, where he could find his targets in peaceful slumber, oblivious of what was going to happen to them. Sliding past to the bedside, he touched his ‘Churikas’ on the collar of slumbering royalties and ‘Slash’!!! Arterial fluid oozed out in arcs, leaving the silken royal bed drenched in wine-colored gore. After the job’s completion, the assassin hurried away. After a few moments, when other guards realized what had happened, the alarm was raised.

Vijaybhanu came scurrying into the chamber of his beloved Prince, to ensure his safety.

“Thank god, my Prince, you are okay” said a panting Pundit.

“Pundit ji arrange my coronation immediately. It should be short and quick.”

“But, my prince, now? Your…” abruptly terminating an amazed Vijaybhanu in the middle Vikram said, “…otherwise the kingdom will be disarrayed. People will be confused and exasperated. Then, you will have hard time dealing with the untoward situation. We cannot afford that at this juncture.”

It seemed quite logical to Pundit and agreeing to it he said, “I will arrange it as soon as possible.”


“Om Rajadhi Rajaya Prashya …. Maha Rajaya Vidmahe”

The mantra – a sacred hymn, was chanted for the Rajyabhishek – coronation of Vikram as the king of Adirajyam by Rajpurohit – the royal priest amidst the gathered ministers and army commander-in-chief, who witnessed the young lad pledging allegiance to the kingdom and swearing to protect the kingdom from the onslaughts of invaders.

“Elders and friends, I have two things to state. First, I would like to be called Vikramaditya, which is a combination of two names that has shaped my destiny.”

“Hail King Vikramaditya! Hail King Vikramaditya!! Hail King Vikramaditya!!!” bellowed the cheerful multitude in unison.

Pacifying them, the King Vikramaditya continued “My innocuous brothers were killed tonight in their sleep. I am deeply hurt and saddened by the episode. This signifies the threat that lurks over our great country in the form of Jalandhar. It is very disheartening that the kingdom had to bear the burden of my Uncle, King Jairaj’s atrocities. But in this exigency, we must muster our strengths and unitedly, we must fight for our motherland. Hail Adirajyam!!!”

Almost all ministers seemed to be in agreement, except Bahuruchi. A gravelly taunting voice from the crowd roared, “I do not accept your supremacy, the one who was crowned unceremoniously, shrouding his vices in the obscurity of the night.”

Vijaybhanu whispered into the ears of Vikram, “This old selfish corrupt idiot is Bahuruchi, a sycophant of King Jairaj, his panderer. He wants this royal throne for himself. You must convince him to fight for our cause, else he may leak our secrets to Jalandhar.”

“My dear minister Bahuruchi, we will discuss your concern tomorrow. For now, I disperse the session, so that everyone understands the state of affairs” said the newly crowned king.

“This minister must be neutralized, as I have neutralized my step brothers” the king said softly to Pundit ji, after the other courtiers had departed.


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